Teachers’ views about their professional development: Situation in Republic of Macedonia

Petrovska, Sonja and Sivevska, Despina and Popeska, Biljana and Runceva, Jadranka (2018) Teachers’ views about their professional development: Situation in Republic of Macedonia. In: 10th International Conference for Theory and Practice in Education, 15 - 17 December, 2018, Budapest, Hungary.


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The modern society is society based on knowledge and innovations. Education is the main tool that could provide these two elements required for living in modern changing world. Quality of education depends from many factors but teachers are one of the most important and influenced one. In this regard, the quality of teachers education as well as their preparedness for continuous life – ling learning, constant improvement and investment in personal professional development are one of the segments that strongly determines the quality of education. Education and upbringing are complex and long-lasting processes and their results are not immediately visible, but are expressed after a long and continuous influence, and the factors that determine the results, are numerous and are of different intensity. However, a huge corpus of research confirms that the teacher with all his personal, professional and moral capacity has a significant influence on the quality of the outcomes of those processes. Teacher’s opinions are important when speaking about teacher’s professional development and different aspects of their personal education, development as well as years of working experience are important. In this regard, we designed this study with aim to determine the differences in opinions of teachers with different work experience in relation to several categories of the professional development: satisfaction from their own level of professional development, forms and approaches they have used for personal professional development and the level of personal activity for personal and professional development. The study was conducted on a sample of 398 teachers, both primary and secondary school teachers from 28 schools in the Republic of Macedonia. The subsample was consisted of four subsamples based on years of working experience of the teacher. Differences between subsamples were determined using non- parametric statistics F- test. Statistical significant differences were obtained in mainly all examined categories mainly between the groups of novice teachers and teachers with working experience more than 25 years of work. Based on obtained results it could be concluded that attitudes and opinions for personal development are closely related with years spend in education and working experience of the teacher as well as with elements related with new generations, for example use of technology.

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