The Role of Music Education in Preserving Traditions in a Multiethnic Society

Islam, Aida and Zelenkovska Leshkova, Stefanija (2012) The Role of Music Education in Preserving Traditions in a Multiethnic Society. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Thought CD -ROM. pp. 159-163. ISSN 2156-6992

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Abstract: In the era of globalization and increasing migration trends, the coherent power of music is a tool used to promote the traditions of the nations in the world. In the Republic of Macedonia, which is a multiethnic community, the study of music takes various institutional and non-institutional forms, such as: cultural and art societies -CASs, choirs, study of instruments and so on. Particularly interesting for observation is the role that music education plays in preservation of traditions of the Turkish population. Despite the mass migration of the Turks in the 1950s, which significantly reduced the population of this ethnic community, their music tradition continues to be cherished. In 2010, we carried out a research in Skopje, namely, in the elementary school “Tefejuz” and the cultural and art society "Yeni Yol", which are the only forms of education teaching the syllabus in Turkish. The music activities there include instrumental, vocal and dance ensembles. These activities have in common values of paramount importance such as the use of traditional instruments, repertoire that is both traditional and specific to the local community and use of an original tonal system. In terms of the sociological aspect, we would like to highlight the significance of the public music performances which present the repertoire to a wider audience and take place several times a year. Moreover, promotion of music traditions is imperative, mainly because of the undergoing process of modification of this music, due to the import of music culture from the Republic of Turkey and the Western provenance.

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