The function of the zurla players in the pelivan wrestling, in some parts of the Republic of Macedonia

Angelov, Goranco (2016) The function of the zurla players in the pelivan wrestling, in some parts of the Republic of Macedonia. In: Music and dance in Soutwestern Europe: New scopes of research and action. Faculty of Music, Belgrade, pp. 99-106.

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The music instrument zurla with its piercing and remarkable sound intensity and timbre is still associated and is part of some events that were cherished in the past and are preserved until today in some parts of the Republic of Macedonia. Despite the presence of the zurla in the lifetime events such as birth, christening, sunet, weddings, religious or secular holidays, this instrument along with the tapan is inevitable in holding the traditional tournaments for pelivan wrestling – an old sport discipline for measuring the physical condition between the two wrestlers called pelivans. This type of wrestling is accompanied with ritual customs which are unusual for other sport disciplines. That is why this discipline stands out as a separate sport which is part of the tradition of lots of nations and it is also preserved in the Republic of Macedonia till today. The subject of our research is the role and the function of the zurla instrument played at pelivan wrestling, a sport competition which is still held traditionally, usually accompanied by the sound of the zurla and tapan instruments.Our presentation is generally divided into two parts. The first part provides informations about the pelivan wrestling in order to have a clear idea about this type of wrestling while the second part covers the zurla as a music instrument and some of its characteristics and of course the zurla players and their professional participation in the holding of the pelivan wrestlings in some regions of the Republic of Macedonia. Keywords: Macedonia; pelivan; wrestling; zurla; tapan

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