Трансформација на доцноантичките во средновековни утврдувања во Брегалничкиот басен

Nacev, Trajce and Veselinov, Dragan (2015) Трансформација на доцноантичките во средновековни утврдувања во Брегалничкиот басен. Зборник на трудови од Меѓународниот симпозиум „Денови на Јустиниан I“. pp. 211-219. ISSN ISBN: 978-608-4714-13-2

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In the Middle Ages the protection on setlements places gets different characteristicscompared to the Late Antique period. All that is a result of the development of combatweapons and some settlements in significant religious and economic centers. In the medievalperiod also as an essential element in the defense and protection of these places representfortification. Permanent continuity of life and development in some areas contribute withcertain modifications that are used Late Antiquity fortification. It's actually, represents thetransformation of a Late Antiquity fortress in the medieval to allow adequate protection to thesettlements in the Bregalnica region.Keyword: fortification, defense, protection, Middle Age, Bregalnica region

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