New Spark Jazz Orchestra- Balkan Women in Jazz

Kitanovski, Antonijo (2015) New Spark Jazz Orchestra- Balkan Women in Jazz. [Project]

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New Spark Jazz Orchestra- Balkan Women in Jazz is an innovative artistic program with the aim to facilitate access to gender equal professional opportunities, strengthen and increase the number of women musicians and composers on the Balkan Jazz Music Scene, what streams the cultural development in Region, and promote the visibility of women music professionals. United partners in the project from Serbia, Italy, Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro, are forming a strong platform for cross-sectorial international networking, in area of music production, education, and promotion, opening new opportunities for sustainable collaboration, and new career and job potentiality. Through open call, Balkan emerging women musicians and composers will be invited to participate in two year program, forming the New Spark Jazz Orchestra, self-sustainable innovative music business model, stimulating popularization of Jazz music as the Universal European Idiom, where they get the opportunity to study, cooperate internationally and to internationalize their careers in Europe. Program contains a week-long 2 music residencies, big band workshops, on-line educational web portal ,educational tour, promoting new jazz learning methods, inclusive system applicable in educational training, bringing contribution to improvement of jazz educational curriculum, led by Educational team, formed of highly recognized music experts....

Item Type: Project
Subjects: Humanities > Art (arts, history of arts, performing arts, music)
Divisions: Faculty of Music Art
Depositing User: Antonijo Kitanovski
Date Deposited: 09 Feb 2016 22:46
Last Modified: 09 Feb 2016 22:46

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