Fortification of the Medieval Fort Isar – Stip

Nacev, Trajce (2015) Fortification of the Medieval Fort Isar – Stip. Folia Archaeologica Balkanica, 3. pp. 455-476. ISSN 1857-5307


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Abstract: The medieval fort Isar, which was built on top of the ruins of the antique town of Astibo, is located on the hill with a North-South orientation in the central city core. The fortification had its largest increase during the 14th century and from this period we have the best preserved architectonic remains of the fortification. The entire fort is surrounded by fortification walls, with the main entrance in their eastern portion. The suburbs are located on the eastern and southern slopes of the Isar hill. At the highest part (the acropolis) there was another, smaller fortification, probably a feudal residence with a remarkable main tower (Donjon). The article reviews the fortification in the context of the results from the 2001 – 2002 and 2008 – 2010 excavation campaigns. During the first campaign, one of the most significant discoveries was the second tower, a counterpart to the main Donjon tower, and the entrance to the main part of the acropolis positioned between them. With the second 2008 – 2010 campaign, the entire eastern fortification wall of the Isar fort was uncovered. Key words: fortification, fort, curtain wall, tower.

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