The Balkan Wars as a Reason for Migration of the Jews from the Part of Macedonia in the Frame of the Kingdom of Serbia

Cepreganov, Todor and Nikolova, Sonja (2015) The Balkan Wars as a Reason for Migration of the Jews from the Part of Macedonia in the Frame of the Kingdom of Serbia. In: Congress The Balkans and Migration on the 100-th Anniversary of the First World War, 2-4 December 2015, Istanbul. (Unpublished)

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At the beginning of October 1912, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Greece declared war on Turkey. They used a moment when Turkish forces were exhausted and torn, and busy suppressing "Albanian revolution." After fighting in Kumanovo (11-12. X 1912) Serbian troops of the October 14th entered, without resistance, in Skopje, and on November 6th in Bitola, which also represented the end of military operations in Macedonia. London peace wore seeds of the Second Balkan War. Already on June 17th in 1913, dissatisfied with the new boundaries, but encouraged by Austro-Hungary, Bulgaria torn Balkan Pact and invaded Serbia. They had to fight against the Serbs, Greeks, and later the Romanians. Defeated on all fronts, Bulgarians sought peace, which was signed in Bucharest on July 28th in 1913. With the Treaty of Bucharest, August 10th, Macedonia was divided between Bulgaria, Greece Serbia and Albania. The Balkan wars of 1912-1913 as one of the consequences, except death toll on both sides, burned and ruined towns and villages, destroyed crops and so on, was the great migration of the population from the territory of Macedonia. Among those who were part of the migration were the Jewish communities who lived in the territory of Macedonia which become part of the Kingdom of Serbia.. Before the Balkan wars Jewish communities existed in several cities in Macedonia who have lived there for centuries. They had their own businesses and direct contact with local citizens –Macedonians, Turks, Albanians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Vlachs, etc. In a paper based on archives documentation we will address the situation of the Jewish community during the Balkan wars and their migration from the cities of Macedonia which are within the Kingdom of Serbia. Specifically we will address the report of the Union of Israelite companies based in Berlin who headed a delegation to learn about the state of the Jews after the Balkan wars.

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