Precissenes at 6 years old children – manifestation, assessment and development

Mitevski, Orce and Popeska, Biljana and Sivevska, Despina and Jovanova-Mitkovska, Snezana (2015) Precissenes at 6 years old children – manifestation, assessment and development. Личност, мотивация, спорт, 20. pp. 265-279. ISSN 978-954-718


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This paper analyses the manifestation and assessment of preciseness at 6 years old children and possibilities for its development applying PE contents noted in PE curricula in primary education in Republic of Macedonia. Preciseness was analyzed using 6 motor tests, four tests for estimation of preciseness with throwing and two applied for preciseness with leading. Tests were applied on a sample of 123 six year old male examiners, first grade pupils in five primary schools in Republic of Macedonia. Using adequate statistics methods and procedures we determined the manifestation of preciseness in latent motor space, as well as tests characteristics: discriminativity, reliability, validity and represenatativity. According the obtained results, applied tests have a good validity and poor reliability of applied tests. Following tests: Throwing tennis ball in vertical goal with arm (PITET), Throwing ball in vertical goal with leg (PIVCN), Leading with short stick (PVGKS) are recommended for future use for estimation of preciseness. The analysis of current PE curriculum for first grade was used as a starting point in recommendation of activities suitable for development pf preciseness in children.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: preciseness, motor tests, tests characteristics, PE curriculum.
Subjects: Social Sciences > Educational sciences
Divisions: Faculty of Educational Science
Depositing User: Despina Sivevska
Date Deposited: 14 Dec 2015 14:11
Last Modified: 14 Dec 2015 14:11

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