Rehabilitation of foot deformities in patients with childhood

Stratorska, Tamara and Stojkova, Vesna and Nikolovska, Lence and Krstev, Toshe and Kolevska, Monika (2015) Rehabilitation of foot deformities in patients with childhood. In: I Congress of Physical Therapists of the Republic of Macedonia MASA, 26-29 March 2015, Skopje.

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The Changes of the feet is one of the first things that are noticed at newborns by the parents and the closest. The situation of the feet at newborns is mostly a result of the position of the baby in the womb. That location continues after birth, so the feet continuously are getting their normal location according the shin. Mostly the correction of the feet is spontaneous at the end of the first six weeks of the baby’s life it normalizes completely. But in some cases when extremities were being pressed extremely in some abnormal position, the normalization takes longer time. If the newborn has this abnormal position of the feet, the parents are being advised to make exercises for the feet regularly. With that they will normalize quicker and easier. The correction exercises are being made few times per day when the baby is relaxed and without acquiring force to make them. With regular exercise the feet take their normal position faster and easier. Opposed of the womb deformities which are corrected fast and easy, there are anomalies in the foot as a part of the body. These anomalies as result of birth changes of the skeleton, muscles and nerves are serious problem which needs medical treatment. One of the most often anomaly is the bended foot and clearly the most visible. The manual correction of the anomaly is not normalizing the foot. The foot is not elastic, it is rigged ant it needs serious treatment. Subject of this treatment are 12 patients with up to 12 years old. The gathered data are demonstrating the normalization of the dysfunctions of the foot and the rise of the movement, correction of the deformity, the lowering of the symptomatic pain.

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