Content of nitrites and salt and chemical composition of some meat products

Andronikov, Darko and Kuzelov, Aco and Taskov, Nako and Saneva, Dusica and Janevski, Aco and Mojsov, Kiro and Sofijanova, Elenica (2015) Content of nitrites and salt and chemical composition of some meat products. Macedonian Journal of Animal Science, 5 (1). pp. 35-41. ISSN 1857-7709


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The aim of our research was to examine the content of nitrite and salt and chemical composition of the shaped pieces of meat from the neck, shoulder, boneless and fresh bacon (pancetta) and understanding of consumer behavior in the market when choosing the appropriate meat product. The test used 12 pieces of shaped meat and 3 pieces of pork, neck, shoulder, boneless and bacon. All parts are separately measured before and after injection and heat treatment. Chemical composition and pH where tested before and after heat treatment. At the same time, microbiological assays are carried out on samples of meat (all four categories of meat) before and after injection and heat treatment. The content of nitrites and salt examined the finished product. The largest growth of the injection is found in pork boneless (20.8 %) and the lowest in pancetta (6.46 %). The lowest weight loss after heat treatment is found in pancetta (0.77 %), while the largest weight loss has the neck (8 %). The content of the salt in the finished meat products ranges from 1.65 and 2.38 %, while the content of nitrite ranging from 14 and 22 (mg/kg). After injection and thermal treatment water content and fat are reduced, while the protein content increased in the finished product: neck, shoulder and boneless. In finished products not found bacteria of the following types: Clostridium, Staphylococus, Proteus, Escherichia. Total number of bacteria (bacillus) showed a decrease after heat treatment in all four categories of meat.

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Subjects: Agricultural Sciences > Agricultural biotechnology
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Date Deposited: 20 Aug 2015 10:09
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