The Significant Role of Music in the Educational System through the Various Scientific Disciplines

Zelenkovska Leshkova, Stefanija and Islam, Aida (2015) The Significant Role of Music in the Educational System through the Various Scientific Disciplines. International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR), 22 (1). pp. 354-359. ISSN 2307-4531

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Around the world in many, music is studied within the compulsory education system through the subject of music education. It has been recognized as serving a variety of human needs. Some of these needs can be met only through the music. That’s through the kinds of meanings and satisfactions that only musical sounds, defined and structured according to cultural expectations, traditions and identity traits, can provide. In this regard, numerous studies have been conducted whose results confirm the benefits of musical activities in young people’s educational process. General findings are that musical education contributes to improved outcomes in all areas such as reading and literacy skills, spatial-temporal reasoning, mathematical abilities and emotional intelligence. In the last decades with the technical-technological achievements, appeared scientific approaches that penetrate deeper into the study of the importance of music and its positive influence on human activities. Some focus on the areas of the human brain “neural and cognitive”, that are activated during the perception and processing of music. This music cognition is an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the mental processes that support musical behaviors, including perception, comprehension, memory, attention and performance. The intentions to demonstrate on the scientific level, the benefits of music further emphasize its major role in the formation of young people during schooling. Therefore music should have an important role in the education system through functional music education that will stimulate musical activities, performing and listening to music, and will empower mentioned positive effects in all areas of the education.

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