Application of the Least Squares Solutions in Image Deblurring

Stanimirovic, Predrag and Stojanovic, Igor and Katsikis, Vasilios and Pappas, Dimitrios and Zdravev, Zoran (2015) Application of the Least Squares Solutions in Image Deblurring. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2015. ISSN 1024-123X


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In practice, the recorded image unavoidably represents a degraded version of the original scene because of inevitable imperfections in the imaging and capturing process. Medical images, satellite images, astronomical images, or poor-quality family portraits are often blurred. A wide range of different degradations need to be taken into account, covering, for instance, noise, blur, illumination, and color imperfections, and geometrical degradations. The elimination of these imperfections is crucial in various tasks of image processing and image analysis. Image restoration methods are used for reconstructing the original image from a degraded model. The problem of image restoration has been studied in many articles and books.

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