Humanitarian and human rights law in the context of wound ballistics and selection of handgun ammunition

Angelevski, Slavko and Hadji-Janev, Metodi (2013) Humanitarian and human rights law in the context of wound ballistics and selection of handgun ammunition. International Scientific Conference - The Balkans between past and future: Security, conflict resolution and Euro-Atlantic integration, I. pp. 251-264. ISSN 978-608-4532-35-4

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This article will present a study of effects on the human body produced by penetrating projectiles, which is called terminal ballistics or wound ballistics. For more than 150 years, scientists have studied the interaction of bullets and fragments from explosive weapons with human tissue. Such studies so far have influenced medicine (how wounded people were treated), the development of international humanitarian law (restriction of specific weapons) and, more recently, crime investigation (crimes committed with firearms have been used). The selection of effective handgun ammunition for law enforcement is a critical and complex issue. It is critical because of that which is at stake when an officer is required to use his handgun to protect his own life or that of another. International humanitarian law, as a set of rules which seek, for humanitarian reasons, to limit the effects of armed conflict, protects persons who are not participating in the hostilities, and prohibits the use of certain weapons. This article brings together what is believed to be the most credible information regarding wound ballistics, and how it can be connected with the human rights and humanitarian law concerning the selection of handgun ammunition. It provides common-sense, scientifically supportable, principles by which the effectiveness of law enforcement ammunition may be measured

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