Collection, characterization and evaluation of domestic and introduced rice germ plasma

Ilieva, Verica and Karov, Ilija and Mihajlov, Ljupco and Markova Ruzdik, Natalija and Zlatkovski, Vasko (2014) Collection, characterization and evaluation of domestic and introduced rice germ plasma. [Project]

Kolekcioniranje, karakterizacija i evaluacija na domasna i introduirana germplazma od oriz.pdf

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One of the basic conditions to increase the yield and quality of rice in the country is improving sort composition in manufacturing. The most common and fastest method for providing a new, genetically different plant material is the introduction. Introduced varieties can be used for direct introduction into production, after well acclimate and stabilize, but also as a starting material for making new combinations and genotypes. Adaptation of introduced varieties to new conditions in the region varies between varieties and depend on their ecological plasticity, ie the interaction of their genotype and environmental conditions in which they are introduced. Some of them very easily and quickly acclimatize, although often external conditions in the new region significantly differ from those in the region of origin, while others do not fail. According to a lot of studies the transfer of plants from one region to another is more successful, if there is greater similarity in the regions in terms of climate features. In Macedonia rice production it is known the example with introduced Italian varieties because of their good ecological plasticity already are domestic and longer period represent our basic varieties in rice production. In the pedigree of selected domestic rice varieties also participate introduced varieties from abroad. Besides the breeding of introduced varieties from abroad can be quite effective, not always the terms of the new region respond on introduced varieties. Therefore the breeding of introduced varieties, especially from distant geographic regions, it is necessary to properly evaluate them in terms of behavior and achievement in the new region. Such trials would represent one of the primary goals of this project. Exceptional value as a source of genetic variability have natural populations and selective domestic germ plasma rice. Therefore, with the proper characterization and evaluation of the material will explore opportunities for improvement and utilization.

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Divisions: Faculty of Agriculture
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