Прилог кон проучувањето на железното време во Брегалничкиот басен

Nacev, Trajce (2014) Прилог кон проучувањето на железното време во Брегалничкиот басен. Годишник на асоцијација "Онгъл", 9 (13). ISSN 1311-493X

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The Bregalnica basin area in Eastern Macedonia starts with the source of the Bregalnitsa river, and covers the territory around Berovo, Kamenitsa, Vinitsa Kochani, Stip, Ovche Pole to a place where the Bregalnica river enters the watercourse of the Vardar river near the village of Ulantsi. The archaeological excavations till now have been carried the locations: locality Krivi Dol, near the village of Radanye, Gorno Pole and Orlovi Chuki, near the village of Stari Karaorman, Kunovi Chuki near the village of Orizari , municipality of Kochani, Markov Kamen near the city of Stip, Krshlyanski Gumenye near the town of Vinitsa, Tekishinski Lozya near the city of Kochani, St. George’s church near the village of Grad, municipality of Delchevo. All these sites are necropolises in the form of small mounds and graves cysts usually placed in circular structures covered with earthmounds. Chronologically these necropolises enter the chronological framework of the Iron Age I, II and III (1000 - end of 5th century BC). The settlements have not been researched till now, because they are set at a high altitude in difficult to access areas protected by defensive walls. The settlement Gradiste Kievo near the villageof Upper Balvan,which is the goal of this paper is now the first settlement which carried out an archaeological research in The Bregalnica river basin area. Although the research was small, it gave the first information of the organizationof the settlement, its architecture and the material culture of the population by movable findings that place the settlement in the chronological framework of 8th to 6th centuries BC.

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