Mirjana Stojcheska Gjorgjioska
Mimoza Serafimova
Evgenija Gjorgjioska
Entrepreneurship as a Business Competence - Strategies and Education
The manuscript aims to clarify some basic tenets of entrepreneurship in education, focusing on what it is, why it is relevant to the society, when it is applied or not and how to do it in practice. The intended audience of this manuscript is to be used by practitioners in educational institutions, and the basis of this clarification attempt consists primarily of existing research in the domains of entrepreneurship education. Entrepreneurial Education focuses on entrepreneurial competencies in the context of new venture creation, business environments, developing entrepreneurial students and citizens who are able to undertake autonomous learning and self-evaluation in more risky contexts. This manuscript shows a review of existing research on entrepreneurial education and training with special reference to the current situation in some countries in Europe, especially in Macedonia. During the writing process, researches from the authors are used.
Mirjana Stojceska Gjorgjioska is born in Prilep, Republic of Macedonia. She has PhD in Management in Education and her field of interest is entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial education. She works in SOU “Orde Copela” and is an associate in Business Academy Smilevski in Bitola.