New Developments in Quasigroup-Based Cryptography

Mileva, Aleksandra (2014) New Developments in Quasigroup-Based Cryptography. In: Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Cryptology and Information Security. IGI Global, pp. 286-317. ISBN 9781466658080

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This chapter offers an overview of new developments in quasigroup-based cryptography, especially of new defined quasigroup-based block ciphers and stream ciphers, hash functions and message authentication codes, PRNGs, public key cryptosystems, etc. Special attention is given to Multivariate Quadratic Quasigroups (MQQs) and MQQ public key schemes, because of their potential to become one of the most efficient pubic key algorithms today. There are also directions of using MQQs for building Zero knowledge ID-based identification schemes. Recent research activities show that some existing non-quasigroup block ciphers or their building blocks can be represented by quasigroup string transformations. There is a method for generating optimal 4x4 S-boxes by quasigroups of order 4, by which a more optimized hardware implementation of the given S-box can be obtained. Even some block ciphers' modes of operations can be represented by quasigroup string transformations, which leads to finding weaknesses in the interchanged use of these modes.

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