Traditional vs. Relativistic Ethics - Cases in American Culture

Kukubajska, Marija Emilija (2010) Traditional vs. Relativistic Ethics - Cases in American Culture. Филолошка истраживања данас. ISSN 8686419992, 9788686419996

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Relativist, secular, atheist ethics based on anti-Christian, radical left ideologies has had controversial, colliding and subversive impact upon freedom of expression in applied traditional ethics in the US. This impact results in a culture war of value systems that sanctions and subverts traditional worldviews, particularly those based on Christian ethics. The American society encounters these opposing moral views within its increasingly multiethnic, intra-national cultural conglomerate while in this process it claims equal opportunity for its multi-confessional, heterogeneous societal platforms. This paper gives a brief account on the American thought, action and reaction to traditional ethics on the map of diverse ideas and cultures in the US. Discrepancy in the interpretation and application of atheist ethics systems is observed from its increasingly intolerant stand against its traditional ethics. The phenomenon of intolerance among moral worldviews is exemplified by differences in educational and cultural results.

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