Moms for America America vs. Anti-America: (an alphabetical narrative)

Kukubajska, Marija Emilija (2012) Moms for America America vs. Anti-America: (an alphabetical narrative). Lions International.

Text dokumenti_LION -ПЕЧАТЕНИ СТРУЧНИ ТРУДОВИ - Меѓународно списание, на македонски, 2010.pdf

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Positive narrative Mother: magic motivation, miracle morning, motherland. Mammy, my music, my memory, Origin of optimism, orchard of offspring of our Omnipotent Omniscient One, operating onward, Magnificently modest, motivating, managing magnanimity - manufacturing majestic manuscripts Strengthening serious, soulful solutions, supporting sublime substances, schooling siblings: For freedom fostered founding fathers’ faith. Follow fertile future fields for firm family future Of our objective ownership of outstanding opportunities ordering organic open-mindedness, Reaffirming reality, right reasoning, rightful rationing, radiantly rebuilding, recovering radiant America - ageless affirmation and articulation of advanced achievements, All-mighty’s action Motivating majestic minds, magnifying major masterpieces and mighty moral-mental meals, Enters Earth’s enthusiasm, electing emancipated, elucidated, educated, endangered ethics. Rejoice Restore Republic’s rational reasoning, reconnect recovery roads, restore righteousness In immanently increased intelligence, in inspired initiatives: individually, institutionally, in Constant, confident, clear credibility, creating charitable characters, claiming conserved climate And astronomic accommodation among all-accomplishing, adorable abilities. Amazing awards. Negative narrative Mothers - malcontent machines, malevolent mutants machinating, mounting mercy-masks: Outlaw, obsessively oppose objectivity, oppress opponents, overrule, overthrow onward oaths. Mothers? More misleading, menacing, malcontent mutants meaning: meet MY measures, Man: Support social shock, sabotage sacredness, sanction splendor, sample Satan, sons! Scare sanity! Fight freedom. Force fables, facades. Forfeit facts. Forge fantasy Fair-lands. Fetch fiasco filming Obsessed, obstructive, occult, odious offspring. Order oppressive operations, outlaw objectivity. Revolutionize revolt revolving raging riots. Ruin right-reality, reverse reverence, recite requiem: Attack, assassinate aged-advancements, abolish affirmative arguments, annul abundant accounts, My monsters mightily mongering, mocking morality, my malcontent, mean matrix malkins :) Eradicate edified eligible efficiencies, eliminate eminence, exterminate esteem, expaaand Eeevil. Rise: revolt, reject Right-road reasoning, reject rational rights, refuse right relationships, run Insulting ideas, increase insensitive intellectualism, invasive illegalities, inflamed idiotism, Chaos…calling: Cover up costly cunning carnivals! Constitute continual confusion, collapse !!! Again, and always: add atrocious addicts, abominable acrobats, angrily accuse, abuse Aaamerica.

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