Potrebata od metodologija za trošoci na kvalitet vo makedonskite kompanii koi se zanimavaat so transportni uslugi

Mitreva, Elizabeta and Koteski, Cane (2010) Potrebata od metodologija za trošoci na kvalitet vo makedonskite kompanii koi se zanimavaat so transportni uslugi. In: IV Congress of Geographers of The Republic of Macedonia, 7-10.X.2010, Republic of Macedonia, Dojran 7-10.X.2010 .

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The usage of TQM (Total Quality Management) strategy within the transportation companies denotes the improvement of quality of services through testing of the organization processes and therefore not only towards defining of the process itself and improvement of the design process, but the productivity improvement and optimization of quality costs as well. The aim of this paper is to emphasize the significance of the quality affirmation in the transport services, methods and techniques for measuring the quality services, and especially the optimization of the business processes. The analyses of quality costs within the offering of transport services could help managers to comprehend the influence of the bad quality through financial outcomes and bad image of the companies. Through the analyses of quality costs one can control the loss that could be cut down to minimum regarding the material expenses, energy and employees. This paper suggests a model for improved working and increased efficiency and effectiveness within the transport companies through optimization of business processes, adjustment of the corporative culture and total exploitation of the working potentials. The necessity of this methodology is actually imposed as a result of an analysis that has been made within some Macedonian transportation companies regarding the fact whether they perform analysis of quality costs or not. The road that leads to quality improvement of processes and services of the domestic companies and optimization of the business processes needs to seek a usage of adequate methodology for designing and implementing the TQM system including the methodology of quality costs analysis. The advantages of the usage of this model is not only an increase of the business outcomes of the transport companies that further on would serve as a starting power for continued improvement but an increase of the dedication of top management and the employees towards improvement of processes, consumers content, auctioneers, delivery persons and the community.

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