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Gorgieva-Trajkovska, Olivera and Kostadinovski, Aleksandar and Jovanova, Blagica (2012) The role of promotion in creation of positive accounting firm image. Conference Proceedings, International Conference “The Role of Media in Promotion of Product and Service”, Skopje, Macedonia. ISSN 978-608-4691-01-3

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If we have an accounting firm that we want to promote, then there are a bunch of different things that we can do. One of the things we can do is regular newspaper advertising. A lot of accountants like doing this, because it doesn’t require any time of theirs, all it does is require payments every so often. What we need to understand is that as an accountants we won’t have time to promote our business every day and that is why we need to find something that keeps on working for us. This is where quality promotional calculators or calendars will help out. Both of these items can be used by anybody who needs an accountant. Another way to promote an accounting firm is to use social media (Facebook and Twitter) to get our name out there. Most businesses know about Facebook and Twitter but they don’t use them because they don’t see how they work. The best part about both of these is that we can get our message across extremely quickly. All we have to do is to post something on one of these sites about our accounting firm and all our friends and followers will see it, it is that simple. One other thing that would work well to promote an accounting firm is to simply use email marketing. This is something that a lot of people have heard about, but most people don’t use it because of its complexity. If we want to get a lot of business in a hurry, then email marketing is probably the best thing. But we must know that the more email addresses doesn’t always mean the most business, we need email addresses that people monitor daily. Key words: promotion, accounting, media, firms

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