Correlation between seismic velocities and geotechnical parameters of carbonate deposits

Dimov, Gorgi and Doneva, Blagica and Delipetrev, Marjan and Delipetrov, Todor (2013) Correlation between seismic velocities and geotechnical parameters of carbonate deposits. 5th Jubilee Balkan Mining Congress. pp. 334-337. ISSN 978-608-65530-0-5

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This paper presents the research of several carbonate deposits with seismic measurements and assessment of their geotechnical parameters on the field and in the laboratory. The importance of this type of geophysical exploration should be seen by the fact that these methods cheaper the process of defining the real model of the rock complex and getting on parameters that are relevant for the whole investigation area. Geotechnical measurements on the samples conducted in laboratory are very important, but received data are relevant only for certain point, not for the whole area. Real model for the area will be made if geophysical data are combined with the data from the investigative drilling and laboratory geotechnical research. This paper will have important impact in the interpretation of the carbonate complexes if velocities of the seismic waves are known and according to them to be defined geotechnical parameters, without laboratory investigations. Also, vice versa, if geotechnical parameters are known, the seismic velocities could be defined.

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