Contemporary modern industrial societies and the role of education

Petrovski, Vlado (2011) Contemporary modern industrial societies and the role of education. Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2011 (15). pp. 1362-1365. ISSN 1877-0428

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Education proves to be one of the deciding factors in the development of an individual and society. In modern industrial societies the state provides every citizen with the right to education. For that aim formal institutions are organized where education is carried out systematically and on a professional level. Education today, as a rule, is general, obligatory and in principle free. You could say that the ideology of mass education is one of the key segments of the ideology of mass society. It is based on the assumption that all people have equal chances of success and that the school stimulates individuals in general to develop their intellectual, emotional, ethical and aesthetic abilities and characteristics, through a system of fair competition and objective evaluation, in which success in passing the prescribed examinations should be the basis for the distribution of social roles and social status.

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