Application of geophysical methods in exploration and exploitation of mineral raw materials

Delipetrov, Todor and Blažev, Krsto and Doneva, Blagica and Delipetrev, Marjan and Dimov, Gorgi (2013) Application of geophysical methods in exploration and exploitation of mineral raw materials. 5th Jubilee Balkan Mining Congress. pp. 284-289. ISSN 978-608-65530-0-5

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Opening of a mine is complex procedure dependent on more parameters, but as the most important are: deposit with sufficient concentration of useful material which can be extract with appropriate technological process and economic working. Anyway, for possible opening of a mine, first and necessary factor is determination of deposit area and defining the space distribution and concentration of mineral raw material. Intense exploitation of mineral raw materials which were base for future development of the industry, especially in 20-th century, caused many mines to finish their life. Deposits which were easy detectible and near to the surface, for a short time were depleted. The need for metals and non-metals, and especially energetic mineral raw materials increases, so the investigation from the Earth's surface went deeper in its interior. If geological explorations were carriers of the discovery of sub - surface deposits of mineral raw materials, today there is a wide range of geophysical methods that gives possibility to expand the our knowledge deeper under the Earth's surface. Importance of geophysics should be underlined in exploration of seas and oceans which covered 3/4 from the Earth's area. Geophysical methods are divided into: gravity, geomagnetic, geoelectrical, seismic, geothermal, radioactivity and radar methods with wide range of radiation. The paper, briefly presents the basic physical parameters characteristic for given methods.

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