Marketing strategy to differentiate the offer

Miceski, Trajko and Pasovska, Silvana (2013) Marketing strategy to differentiate the offer. Contemporary management challenges and the organizational sciences, 2. pp. 157-158. ISSN ISBN 978-608-4729-00-6

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The marketing strategy for differentiation of the offers is important and accepted strategy especially by the bigger legal entities. The differentiation of the offers leads to bigger profit and bigger profitability in operation, through targeting of the demand towards the product of the enterprise. The vertical differentiation of the offers is directed towards the quality of the product itself which is observed as a something superior despite the competitive product which is observed as something inferior. While the horizontal differentiation is related with the tastes of the different consumers (the style, design, taste, color, etc.). As the best differentiation exists when the consumers are well informed about the their best alternative of differentiation which can refer to the product, the personnel and the image of the enterprise.
The sustainability of differentiation of the offers is possible when the sources of the enterprise are unique, multiple and hard for imitation and when the enterprise has advantage over the costs for differentiation.
The differentiating strategy is preferred when the need are homogeneous (one product or few products for huge market), while the segmentation strategy of the markets is preferred when the needs are heterogeneous (are specific and are directed to specific segments).
The creation of a good marketing strategy requires marketing managers to be focused on a full identification of the consumer needs, on a care about the correct fulfillment of their requirements to have perception of their ideas and monitor the competitor’s products.

Key words: marketing strategy, differentiation of products, consumers, segmentation, quality of offers, marketing management.

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