Preconditions for efficient public administration in the Republic of Macedonia

Denkova, Jadranka and Ananiev, Jovan (2013) Preconditions for efficient public administration in the Republic of Macedonia. National Question in the Central Europe, Democratic responses to unresolved national and ethnic conflicts International Conference. 22-24 March 2013. pp. 239-248. ISSN 978-615-5432-00-2


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The purpose of the paper is to observe the placement of the administration in the Republic of Macedonia during the period of reform of the public administration, to confirm the current situation in relation to the effective working of the administration as well as to locate the possible preconditions for enlargement of the effectiveness of the administration. The latest public management is a theoretical model contrived on new ethic principles based on the principle of public and responsibility. In the developed democratic systems there was determination for steadily formation of worthy country and administration that will enable quality public sector. As a result this paper will accomplish analysis and obtain information for the placement of the public administration in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as explore whether the reform of the public administration achieves the purpose and the principles of modern public administration. In other words to accomplish whether there is law that regulates the authorization and the responsibility of the employees in the public administration and whether there are preconditions for effective and efficient public administration. The results in the paper are based on an empirical research with using of the qualitative methodology. With qualitative methodology, I realized deep interview and analyzes of the content. The deep interview I realized on target sample, which covered the bearers of management public authorizations (state secretaries, managers of sections and managers of departments in organs of state management and public officers from the organs of the state management and the state authority. The results of the research are: 1.The current way of tracking the working of the public administration is accomplished without written procedure. The public institutions according to their own views are placing unwritten rules that will assist them in tracking the working of the public administration that are not based on précised and clear indicators. These types of forms are the analysis for strategic plans, preparation of monthly reports, associations and presenting of the subject matter throughout the book of the archives of the organ. 2.The inexistence of procedures and built systems that could follow the working of the public institutions manifests an indicative occurrence of unbalanced scheduling of the working assignments and disrespect of the hierarchy of allocating of the working assignments. This results with subjectivism and unreal marking of the quantity and the quality of the public servants in realization of the working assignments. 3.The inexistence of the system for following the working of the employees has an influence on the success of the public institutions in the realization of project activities. Often, the mistakes could not be witnessed and the responsibility could not be determined since there is not completion of the activities for successful realization of the project and that has an impact on the effectiveness of the administration. 4.The systems for following the working of the employees are important for clear and precise measurement of the accomplished work and accurate value that will result with the increase of the effectiveness and efficiency of the administration. From this research it could be concluded that throughout establishment of a system that follows the working of the employees based on certain indicators will effect in simple and precise control of the working. This will result with quality achievement of the working obligations, it will also have an impact on the motivation and will enable realistic rewards or punishments of the public administration excluding bias and improvisations.

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