Crystal morphology of sanidine phenocrysts from Zvegor, Republic of Macedonia

Sijakova-Ivanova, Tena and Čobič, Andrea and Zebec, Vladimir and Bermanec, Vladimir and Žigovecki Gobac, Željka (2011) Crystal morphology of sanidine phenocrysts from Zvegor, Republic of Macedonia. 2ndInternational workshop on the UNESCO-IGCP Project: “Anthropogenic effects on the human environment in the Neogene basins in the SE Europe”, 2. pp. 1-5.

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This paper presents the results of the research carried out on sanidine crystals from Zvegor, Republic of Macedonia. 572 crystals were collected for research: 326 single crystals and 23 randomly intergrown crystals, 100 right-handed and 123 lefthanded Carlsbad twins. Results show that left- and right-handed Carlsbad twins are almost equally represented at this locality. Goniometric measurements showed the appearance of six forms: {010}, {110}, {130}, {001}, { 1 11} and { 201}. XRPD analysis of the sanidine - crust (Fds_C), showed that it consists of a mixture of three different phases: calcite as a dominant phase, illite and sanidine. The mixture of these phases could be a result of the feldspar crystal alteration which was primary of sanidine composition. The alteration could have been due to influence of solutions which also affected other components of the rock. It could also be a result of a post crystallization reaction of sanidine with the altered rock. XRPD analysis shows that the core of the sample (Fds_S) is sanidine

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