Chemical and microbiological analysis of fresh, frozen and emulsions of pork skins

Andronikov, Darko and Naseva, Dijana and Taskov, Nako and Saneva, Dusica and Kuzelov, Aco (2013) Chemical and microbiological analysis of fresh, frozen and emulsions of pork skins. In: 10th International Symposium: Modern trends in livestock production, 02 Oct 2013, Belgrade, Serbia.


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The objective of our survey was to determine the content of proteins in fresh and frozen pork skins, as well as in the emulsion of skins and the influence of different acids on their microbiology before and after the cuttering. Altogether 120 kg pork skins (selected by random choice) split in 2 groups per 60 kg fresh and 60 kg frozen skins and immersed in three different combinations of acid solutions (acetic, lactic, wine, lemon) and water. 6 groups have been obtained for further analysis: fresh and frozen skins immersed in А, B, C solutions. Before and after the immersing, samples were taken from all groups for chemical and microbiological analysis. Previously grinded and well homogenized, the following parameters were analyzed: water, fats, ash and proteins. Pork skins were immersed for 72 in total in a solution, then washed with water and well drained. Prepared in that manner - 20 kg skins + 20 kg water (ice) + 200 g soy proteins. The so prepared emulsion of skins undergoes chemical and microbiological analysis. The content of proteins in emulsion of fresh skin is bigger when compared to frozen pork skins. The microbiological analysis showed us that in pork skins immersed in different solutions of acids and water, as well as in the emulsion of skins, no bacteria were found of the following types clostridium, staphylocoсcus, proteus, escherichia, and the total number of bacteria (bacillus) showed decrease of bacteria in all groups of fresh and frozen pork skins. The biggest decrease in the total number of bacteria before and after the immersed skins, as well as on the emulsion of skins, was found in the A solution.

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