Utilizing gabbro of sites Pantelej as a contribution - technical stone

Mircovski, Vojo and Stefanova, Violeta and Sijakova-Ivanova, Tena and Dimov, Gorgi and Mircovski, Vasko (2013) Utilizing gabbro of sites Pantelej as a contribution - technical stone. Петти балкански конгрес за рударство.


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This paper presents the results of the detailed field and laboratory investigations of gabbro from the locality Pantelej. These investigations are conducted in order to determine the mineralogical-petrographic and technical characteristics of gabrro in order to use as construction stone. The main minerals that build rock are plagioclase and pyroxene. Pyroxene is the dominant mineral in this sample, and it is represented by about 80%. In most pirochsene crystals are occupied with the process of metamorphosis - uralitisation where they transform to amfibol type: actinolite- tremolit and uralit. Plagioclase in terms of pyroxene is present in smaller quantities and represented approximately 20%. It occurs like allotriomorphic to hypidiomorphic crystal belongs to basic plagioclase. For the determination of the possibilities for the exploitation of this gabbro as constructing- technical stones, were carried out mineralogical - petrographic and chemical research, as well as, determine the physical - mechanical characteristics of the samples of these rocks. These performance show that they be able to find wide application in the construction as crushed stone for constructing for making of all types of concrete and asphalt.

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