Pelagonia marble valley

Boev, Blazo (2006) Pelagonia marble valley. Documentation. PREDA – Prilep Region Enterprise Development Agency.

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Macedonia is making tremendous efforts to develop its human and natural resources in order to create income and employment for its people. Conscious of the need for foreign capital the Republic of Macedonia strives to improve the business climate and to decentralize. The decentralization will strengthen municipalities and their capacity to provide adequate infrastructure and services. In addition, a national investment promotion agency (MacInvest) has been created to help investors. Prilep Region Enterprise Development Agency (PREDA) is a Swiss funded institution to help both small and medium enterprises in their efforts to catch up and municipalities in their newly gained competence for local economic development. The region under geologic scrutiny in this brochure, with the richest deposits of architectural-dimension stone, is covered by the municipalities of Prilep and Dolneni. This brochure is meant as a contribution to their efforts in local economic development. PREDA also cooperates with KAMEN, an organization of professionals from the local stone industry. The best known activity of this association is the publication of the journal KAMEN & STONE. The best entry point for firms and persons interested in the deposits of architectural-dimension stone in Pelagonia with the most knowledgeable people is certainly KAMEN. All institutions mentioned, PREDA, KAMEN, MacInvest, the municipalities of Prilep and Dolneni are prepared to assist interested investors. Contact details of all of them are given at the end of the brochure. The aim of the brochure is to offer a brief account on the potentials of architectural-dimension stone in the region, inform and encourage interested investors. The brochure gives brief descriptions of the localities that abound in architectural-dimension stone and presents those features of the stone that are important in terms of its usability. It also presents photos of individual types of architectural-dimension stone in order to provide a visual perception of the decorativeness. Furthermore some information is given about factors such as infrastructure, potentials etc.

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