Редизајнирање на меѓународната финансиска архитектура за изградба на стабилен економски систем

Lazaroski, Spire and Boskov, Tatjana (2010) Редизајнирање на меѓународната финансиска архитектура за изградба на стабилен економски систем. The Economy and business in post-recession, International Conference, Prilep.

Redizajniranje na megjunarodnata finansiska arhitektura za izgradba na stabilen ekonomski sistem.pdf

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The multispeed recovery is realized in many advanced economies and most emerging and developing countries. Last year recorded significant economic growth throughout the world, but the pace of recovery is not the same in emerging and developed countries. Financial and economic risk has been reduced, but financial and economic stability is not reached yet. That means a number of changes need to be adapted, for re-cutting the international financial architecture in order to promote stable and sustainable macroeconomic environment for the world economies. The process of stabilization requires greater involvement and changed role of IMF, enhanced involvement of G-20 as a forum for cooperation and consultation on maters immanent to international financial system, implementation of strong regulatory, supervisory and other policies proposed by the Financial Stability Board and active macroeconomic policy realized by the state as a respond to the vulnerabilities determined by the financial and economic recession. This papers aim is to explore changed role of international financial and monetary system, implementation of prudent fiscal and monetary policy as a responsibility of the state, greater cooperation in the banking system and cross border cooperation in order to reduce credit risk, exchange rate risk and system risk immanent to the world economies. This paper also explores the implementation of new monetary and fiscal solutions especially in the USA, European Union and Japan as leading countries and their experience in dealing with the global economic recession.

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