Perspektiven für die Reinigung und Wiederverwendung von kommunalem Abwasser in Serbien und Mazedonien

Mitev, Trajce (2006) Perspektiven für die Reinigung und Wiederverwendung von kommunalem Abwasser in Serbien und Mazedonien. Masters thesis, University of Applied Sciences Lippe und Hoexter.


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In the previously enclosed material the current situation of the purification of the municipal waste waters in Serbia and Macedonia was described. Also the procedure taken with the received sludge was described too. The existing and the future legal regulations for this topic were presented and the necessary technical state of the wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in the region was shown. The two concepts for further problem solution (about the municipal waste waters) were presented, water that can be used again for irrigation. As an example for the analysis, the Community Karbinci was chosen, community which is situated in the Eastern part of Macedonia. The first concept is presented as a combination of aerobic and membranous cleaning and it is a new method which reduces the volume of the aeration tanks, place where the substances in waste waters are destroyed and at the same time the space needed for their building. The second concept is a combination of anaerobic and aerobic treatment, or in other words, anaerobic reactor and pond with aeration system are planned. After the analyses were done all the advantages and the disadvantages of the two concepts were seen and the objects dimensioned and the total estimation of the investment expenses was done. From the received results it can be concluded that the two concepts meet the demands of the European Union and the purified water can be further used for irrigation and financially they are optimum decisions of this case. Serbia and Macedonia are countries which expect to become members of the EU in the following period, and they will have to meet the standards for the cleaning of the waste waters and the protection of the environment. That is why a big progress and bigger investments for the future are expected. The companies which offer machines and installations for water purification, like Hans Huber AG, can help with their experience and new innovative solutions.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Natural sciences > Earth and related environmental sciences
Engineering and Technology > Environmental biotechnology
Engineering and Technology > Environmental engineering
Divisions: Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences
Depositing User: Trajce Mitev
Date Deposited: 18 Sep 2013 14:17
Last Modified: 18 Sep 2013 14:17

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