Solid waste management

Srebrenkoska, Vineta and Golomeova, Saska and Zhezhova, Silvana (2013) Solid waste management. In: Sustainable technologies. Univerzitet u Novom Sadu, Tehnoloski fakultet, Novi Sad, Srbija, pp. 221-230. ISBN 978-86-6253-011-0 CIP

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Waste is unwanted or useless materials from households, industry, agriculture, hospitals. Waste materials in solid state are classified as solid waste. Increasing of the amount of solid waste and the pressure what it has on the environment, impose the need to introduce sustainable solid waste management. Advanced sustainable solid waste management involves several activities at a higher level of final disposal of the waste management hierarchy. Minimal use of material and energy resources contributes to reduce the quantity of generated waste. Reducing of the quantities of solid waste has been achieved by re-use of products for the same or anotherpurpose and by using technologies for material and energy utilization. Technologies for material utilization of solid waste, which are at the third place in waste management hierarchy, are recycling and composting. Technologies for energy utilization of solid waste are divided in two groups: - Thermochemical processes: insineration, pyrolysis and gasification - Biochemical processes: anaerobic digestion and landfill gas. The solid waste that can not be use for recycling or re-use, should be dispose of appropriate places called landfills.

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