Replacement (reconstruction) of the active steel end zone of the turbogenerator

Paspalovski, Toni and Mojsoska, Natasa and Jovanovska, Vangelica and Jovanovski, Nikola and Sovreski, Zlatko (2013) Replacement (reconstruction) of the active steel end zone of the turbogenerator. GV-CONF 2013. pp. 659-663. ISSN 1339-2778

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There are five physical elements of the transport sector that can be changed to reduce emissions: Vehicle efficiency, greenhouse gas intensity of the fuel used, level of transport activity, mode of transport chosen, and amount of capacity used. In this paper is described one practical example of the replacement (reconstruction) of the active steel end zone of the turbo-generator n.1 which operates in REK Bitola, with purpose to improve the condition of the turbo-generator from magnetic point of view during the modernization for increasing the power. Turbo-generator is type TVV 200-2A produced by “Elektrosila” – Russia. The stator winding is cooled directly with distilate. The rotor winding, the stator core and the housing are cooled with hydrogen. The reconstruction itself covers replacing more elements which are: Replacement of five end packs of each active steel end zone, which are manufactured in monolithic (backed) version and with successive reducing of its height Reconstruction of the pressure rings with simultaneous installation of new enlarged copper screen on the pressure rings Additional fingers for better tightness and intensifying the cooling of the end zones Stabilization of the pressing tightness of turbo-generator core active steel with installing special spring devices so called pressure accumulators During the realization of the reconstruction special tools, devices and equipment have been used. Also for all examination which have been done protocols (test reports) have been made. Every test report consist from: test object, basis, criteria of control, test results and conclusion on the test results.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Turbogenerator,replacemant,end packs
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Divisions: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
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Date Deposited: 05 Sep 2013 11:59
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