The language of education and the recommended bilingualism in the country

Petrovski, Vlado and Petrova Gjorgjeva, Emilija (2005) The language of education and the recommended bilingualism in the country. Interculturality in the educational process. pp. 104-108.

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The Republic of Macedonia is a multiethnic, multi-cultural and multi-confessional state. This fact itself opens the question of language (languages) and its use in public life, and which is more important, in institutions of education; in this context it makes the topic quite complex in the time when the change of laws conditioned by the Framework Agreement presumes real bilingualis in multiethnic regions. This paper contains the analysis of the Framework Agreement and the Constitution with the changes from 2001 concerning the use of language, i.e. languages of ethnic communities in public life and educational institutions, bearing in mind the fact that the official languagein the Republic of Macedonia is Macedonian and the language of the community which in respective units of self-government is represented in a percentage greater than 20. Such a condition of the use of languages of ethnic communities, or, more precisely the use of Albanian language in public life, as well as bringing into effect the Law for founing a state university in Albanian language, puts forward the issue which is very important and to which we have paid much attention in this paper, and that is if this means making the foundation of the policy of bilingualism in the Republic of Macedonia.

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