Report on the progress towards the millennium development goals

Matlievska, Margarita (2009) Report on the progress towards the millennium development goals. [Project]

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This is the second Report of the Republic of Macedonia on the Millennium Development Goals. The Report assesses progress achieved to date against the national targets which were adjusted and defi ned in the fi rst Report of the Republic of Macedonia on the Millennium Development Goals published in 2005. Working on achieving these targets, Republic of Macedonia confi rms its commitment and contribution towards reaching the global Millennium Development Goals. The development and publishing of this document is a way to stir up and streamline public debate towards the specifi c development priorities on national and on regional levels. The Millennium Development Goals off er a comprehensive approach in defi ning and monitoring the development agenda of the country. They enable a focus on the key areas and policies supporting achievement of the Government priorities for improving the citizen’s living standards and development of the economy, for providing quality education and healthcare for all, for enabling equal opportunities of women and men, as well as for environmental protection. In brief, the achievement of the national targets ensures a comprehensive and sustainable approach for human development. The second Millennium Development Goals Report shows that in the period covered in the Report, Republic of Macedonia achieved some progress in the social and economic areas. The economic parameters show growth of the GDP, infl ow of foreign direct investments, as well as some reduction in unemployment. The parameters concerning maternal and child health demonstrate an upward trend and there has been some progress regarding the environmental protection. However, progress in reducing poverty and social disparities, as well as disparities between various vulnerable groups has been slow and further eff orts are needed to reach the planned targets. This Report provides detailed analyses of all of the above and a variety of other aspects, with relevant conclusions and recommendations on measures that could contribute to meeting the Millennium Development Goals as set out at the national level. In this context it is very important to strengthen the mechanisms intensifying economic and social reforms in Macedonia with the people at the focus of such reforms. In parallel, this approach will strengthen the confi dence in the democratic governance. Promoting tighter economic and social bonds will increase the impression of security in people and thus contribute to reducing poverty and to implementation of the social inclusion strategies so as to ensure equal access of all citizens to jobs, health and education. The Government of the Republic of Macedonia is confi dent that it is on the right path to eff ectuating the reforms and it is equally dedicated to achievement of the EU integration priorities. Considering that the relevant MDG indicators are largely concordant with the EU economic and social cohesion policies, I would like to underline that meeting the requirements for EU membership means, at the same time, a step forward to achieving the Millennium Goals. Finally, we remain committed to regular monitoring and to achieving progress in reaching the national targets for the Millennium Development Goals. In this respect, the cooperation with all UN Agencies and Programmes trough projects being implemented in diff erent areas is of special importance. The involvement and joint eff orts of the relevant social actors in all three sectors – the government (on central and local levels), the private sector and the civil society are equally important. The Millennium Development Goals represent results.

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