Family participation in school

Hristovska, Dijana and Jovanova-Mitkovska, Snezana (2012) Family participation in school. Collected papers: Current issues in theory and practice of education. pp. 85-93. ISSN / ISBN: 978-963-89392-4-1


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One of the essential characteristics of quality school is the family involvement in the life and work of the school. The main reason for the active promotion (affirmation) of family-school participation is scientific knowledge that it is useful and positive influence on student learning and development. The students learn more, progress, develop and achieve better results. Right From there we set these issues: whether the family-school participation is a reality in our schools? How much the current models of support are focused on the humanistic side of education? How capable are the schools to respond to the legitimate interests of the parents? Who are objective obstacles to participation? The aim of this labor is to emphasize the pedagogical function of family-school participation and the needs of developing models of such support. The family, as the child's natural environment is necessary to provide good conditions for development of the child and the school as a modern, coherent, micro organization is necessary to ensure continued, effective participation in which will be capable to communicate with the family with free manner free from protectionism, revenge, power individuals, political pressure. Parents will be involved in professional organs and will participate in making important decisions that will be of interest for the students and school. Parental participation implies their involvement in improving the school, the school curriculum, projects, workshops, classrooms, information on the present changes, problems, situations, success and development of students ...

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