Arms trade - Between the globalisation, security strategies, conflicts and profit

Petreski, Drage and Rajkovcevski, Rade (2012) Arms trade - Between the globalisation, security strategies, conflicts and profit. NBP – Journal of Criminalistics and Law. pp. 89-105.

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That capital moves the world, is confirmed in the security sphere. Although it is governed by various agreements, legal trade of conventional arms within the international community hides mysteries based on the profit and achieving the national interests of great powers and multinational companies who are directly involved in this activity. Thus, profit in a globalized world has become a top priority in making decisions related to military industry, sales and export of weapons. In combination with the interests of political elites and state interests, the profit violates the political resources of international institutions to maintain stability, peace, the principles of respect for human rights and democracy. Countries in the crisis regions, as end users of the services of developed countries - the leaders in the manufacture of weapons, are the most frequent target group that offers opportunities for political and economic prestige in the security space. Sometimes the authorities of certain countries, even in the absence of direct armed conflict, use the arms trade’s race as a way of increasing military power, to influence on weakening of the living standards of its citizens and they are making the regions where they belong to less popular for investment and economic development. The paper gives an explanation of the relation between profits, arms trade, globalization and conflict. The paper relies on official sources of arms trade in the world and it process the time of last two decades. Analysing the security aspects of globalisation and arms trade, paper uses the international relations and security theories.

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