Life Expectancy of the Population in R. Macedonia and the Countries of European Union

Miceski, Trajko (2008) Life Expectancy of the Population in R. Macedonia and the Countries of European Union. In: Social and cultural aspects of the Euro integration, 14-15 Nov 2008, Prilep, Macedonia.


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The Statistical data presents that life expectancy in Republic of Macedonia for 2005 in average, was recorded to 74 years, and in the EU countries it was 75 years in Poland and 82 years was recorded for Austria. While data processing there was established that the correlation coefficient ratio between average life expectancy in the EU countries and their GDP per capita is highly enough and it was 0,85 that means a strong correlation dependence, while determination coefficient ratio was calculated to 77 % which means that, standard of living, presented through GDP has 77% influence over life expectancy of population, and the rest of 23% influenced some other factors.This is an real truth because the better standard of living procures and more comfort living also, with an opportunity for more expenditures for better life of the people, i.e (early detection of diseases, holidays, regular and healthy food etc.). In this paper are elaborated processed statistical data and relevant comments to it through an table and graphic presentation.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: GDP per capita, unemployment rate,life expectancy, statistical analysis
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