Social – Pedagogical Work in Elementary School

Jovanova, Sanja (2012) Social – Pedagogical Work in Elementary School. Masters thesis, University Goce Delcev- Stip.

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Concept, system and organization of social and pedagogical work in schools is closely linked and dependent on the functioning of a complete developmental social-pedagogical and psychological services as an integral part of the upbringing and education process. After all, a solid and proper pedagogical, psychological and social diagnosis prognosis for development and therapy follow students with socio-educational behavior, can give only professional team. Promotion of socio-pedagogical work at the school, which is determined and a new scientific discipline-pedagogical sociology, is one of the main tasks in the exercise of its role. It should be interpreted as a mixture of many factors that influence the development and establishment of disturbed bio-psycho-social balance. The problem of this research is the successful realization of socio-pedagogical work at the school. In this context, social-pedagogical work in school should be viewed in the resolution of social and pedagogical issues that are under its jurisdiction. One of the tasks of socio-pedagogical work is socially and professionally influence children to achieve a change of behavior in a positive direction, correction of deviant, disruptive, behavior of the person who deviates from what is acceptable social norms. There are a number of situations where students show such behavior, a behavior which we define as deviant, anti-social and so on. and thus the behavior of the student may be treated as a social or pedagogical problem. Socio-pedagogical problem for example, flight student from school. Escape a certain reason, and it should detect. By working with these, children are coming to the realization that the student runs to avoid the undesirable situations in the classroom, where he feels omalovazhen, osramoten, underestimated. Or he runs, because he is paying enough attention, neglected, mocked students and teacher, feels inferior, offended, or runs because it is adapted to the social environment. Социјално-педагошката работа во основното училиште 12 This and many other moments are just part of the social and pedagogical problems that need solving. The degree and the ability to resolve problems of social-pedagogical aspect will depend on the extent to which these children will contribute in the future can painlessly fit into school life and social environment. Indeed, the function of the educational process is education, customization and training of young people living in social conditions. With our research will contribute to easier and more effective processing of problems that occur as a result of anti-social behavior of pupils and thereby assist in their successful resolution by applying various educational measures and also to influence the improvement of preventive activity of educators and professional services in primary school. From the methodological point of view will focus on small, modern, empirical research.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Social Sciences > Educational sciences
Divisions: Faculty of Educational Science
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Date Deposited: 07 Nov 2012 18:49
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