Integrated production of pepper in Republic of Macedonia

Spasov, Dusan and Atanasova, Biljana (2010) Integrated production of pepper in Republic of Macedonia. 1. International congress: Sustainability of production, processing and offer of food. Contibutions of congress. pp. 1-8. ISSN 987-961-6622-11-0


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In the last few years in Republic of Macedonia it is favor producing vegetable with higher standards related to the safe food and the need of protection of the environment. 80 % of the vegetable production in Republic of Macedonia is for export. Because of already known reasons, part of traditional markets for Macedonian vegetable is opened for entrance on countries that have bigger and more concurrent production than ours. For more competitiveness of our products on these markets, also for getting new markets in EU it is necessary implementing standards for production of safety food. That kind of production, with higher standards, also asks the food industry in Republic of Macedonia which their final products place on the markets in EU. One of the measures for protection of the pepper that put into the standards for safety food production, and that also gives protection of the environment, is the integral protection. Integral pest management of crops is plant protection systems that use all suitable techniques and methods of compatible mode, so the population of pests stays under the economic threshold level. “…favoring all the other measures respectively the chemical measures…”

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