Rehabilitation after injuries of the soft tissue on the locomotor system with complex physical and kinesiotherapy

Dimic, Tose (2013) Rehabilitation after injuries of the soft tissue on the locomotor system with complex physical and kinesiotherapy. Other thesis, Goce Delcev University - Stip.

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The traumatic injuries of the soft tissues on the locomotor system are the most common injuries to people, especially to the professional athletes and people who do sports recreationally. These injuries cause overall disorder of the locomotor system and its function. The process of healing these type of injures involves several teams of medical professionals. The initial nourishment of the patient is very important, and a rehabilitation team’s function is to return to the normal the decreased functions of the injured segment and to make the patient capable of continuing his/her life. The rehabilitation treatment of the patient can be developed in several manners depending on the type of injury, the injured segment and the sort of affected locomotor system’s soft tissue. In order to provide successful rehabilitation and bring the patient back to normal condition, it is necessary to set an accurate and precise diagnosis established by a doctor orthopedist-traumatologist, or kinesitherapist, through an anamnesis, clinical examinations, muscular tests and special tests.The process of establishing the diagnosis is followed by the process of rehabilitation of the patients with injuries of the soft tissues on the locomotor system. The kinesiotherapist has the leading role in the patient’s rehabilitation, in the department for traumatologic injuries, as well as the centers for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Our aim is achieving rapid and complete recovery of the patient’s weakened functions through application of physical procedures, special techniques and methods of kinesiotherapy, utilization of contemporary instruments and assisting devices in the kinesiotherapy halls.The key objective of the project is presenting the most usual injuries of the soft tissues, their percentage regarding the sex, age and the most frequently injured segments, as well as presentation of rehabilitation treatment for the most usual injuries. The most common injury of the soft tissues is the injury of the talofibular ligament on the ankle joint. This injury on the talofibular ligament may occur during distortion of the ankle. The aim of this project is proper diagnosing of the ankle’s injury, preparation of rehabilitation treatment – physical procedures and system of exercises, by using the most contemporary kinesiotherapy methods and techniques, which will help for fast and complete recovery of the decreased functions of the patients with ankle injuries. Vast number of people is affected by this injury. The reduction of the rehabilitation period and quick returning to the normal functions depends on the proper selection of exercises, which will be performed in different periods of the treatment. The ankle distortion is an injury occurring in everyday practice, and the most important thing during the treatment is to approach each patient differently and to select different exercises individually, with different intensity in each treatment period in order to achieve the best results, and to rehabilitate the patients completely.

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