Hydrogeological Charateristics and Vulnerability of Pollution of the Aquifer Grdovski Orman Near Kocani

Mircovski, Vlado (2012) Hydrogeological Charateristics and Vulnerability of Pollution of the Aquifer Grdovski Orman Near Kocani. Masters thesis, University Goce Delcev Shtip.

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Master thesis is done defining hydrogeological features of the aquifere Grdovski Orman and vulnerability assessment of his pollution based on filtration characteristics of the water bearing and overlay sediments. Also, it was performed determination the groundwater quality. The definition of the hydrogeological features was done on the basis of the data obtained by making several exploitation wells and pollution vulnerability assessment by hydrogeological data and filtration characteristics aquifer’s overlay sediments. The aquifer Grdovski Orman is aquifer with free level, set in collector area of quaternary alluvial sediments built of different granulated sand and gravel which are characterized by intergranular porosity. Water bearing environment extends to a depth of 44 to 50 m and it is not a single continuous aquifer layer here it is presented in aquifers whose number ranges from 1 - 4. Under water bearing environment have insulating environment built from poorly compressed clayed sands and clays with a small percentage of gravel different granulated. Groundwater level in wells is depth which ranges from 2.97 - 3.75 m. Projected capacity of the wells ranges from 15 to 40 l/s. Recharging of the aquifer is mostly done by waters of the Bregalnica which is in direct hydraulic connection, and in one part is recharged by water derived from atmospheric precipitation and from surrounding aquifers located at higher hypsometric level. According to data obtained by testing of the exploitation and exploration- exploitation wells medium filtration coefficient of the aquifers is 95 m/day. Overlay sediments represent two-layered porous setting built of two lithological units with different granulometric and filtration characteristics. The first one is built of sand and gravel with a mean filtration coefficient Kf = 52 m / day), and the second is made of sand with minor presence of gravel and dust and has a lower mean filtration coefficient, Kf = 0.42 m/day. By chemical analyses were analyzed primary compounds of cations: Na, Ca, Mg and anions Cl, HCO3, SO4, NO3 and NH4, as well as a number of chemical elements that belong to the microcompunds group. According to the mineralization the waters belong to the group of slightly mineralized waters, and after Alekin classification they belong to the hydrocarbon class, calcite group, second type of waters. Based on the hydrogeological and filtration characteristics water bearing and overlay sediments aquifer Grdovski Orman is found that groundwater of this aquifer are within a geological environment that is highly vulnerable to pollution. Preservation of groundwater quality aquifer Grdovski Orman proposed a number of measures for protection.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Date Deposited: 07 Nov 2012 18:44
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