Lichens as biomonitors for atmospheric pollution with heavy metals in copper mine vicinity

Balabanova, Biljana and Baceva, Katerina and Stafilov, Trajče and Sajn, Robert (2011) Lichens as biomonitors for atmospheric pollution with heavy metals in copper mine vicinity. In: 10th International Symposium and CEEPUS Summer School on Bioanalysis Graz, 18-28 September, 2011.

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Lichen species (Hypogymnia physodes and Evernia prunastri) were used for biomonitoring of atmospheric pollution with heavy metals in copper mine vicinity, in the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia. The contents of 18 elements were analyzed by atomic emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-AES) and electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry (ETAAS). For data processing basic statistical methods and multivariate exploratory (factor and cluster analysis) techniques were applied. Three geogenic and one anthropogenic group of elements were singled out from factor analysis, Copper and lead were associated as anthropogenic factor. The same associations of elements were confirmed with cluster analysis. Maps of spatial distribution of elements from anthropogenic group showed increase content for the anthropogenic elements only in close vicinity of mine. The maximum values for Cu content (130 mg kg,1) and Pb content (120 mg kg,1) were obtained. The study showed that long distance distribution of these elements was not established. The collected lichens species showed high retention power for accumulation of anthropogenic group of elements compared to moss species sampled from the same study area (r=0.86 and r=0.68). It was concluded that lichens are very suitable biomonitors for atmospheric distribution of anthropogenic introduced elements.

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