Environmental and stability aspects of excavation in landslide zone at a coal mine "Suvodol" - R.Macedonia

Jovanovski, Milorad and Dambov, Risto and Papic, Jovan and Pesevski, Igor (2009) Environmental and stability aspects of excavation in landslide zone at a coal mine "Suvodol" - R.Macedonia. In: X Jubilee National Conference with international participation of the open and underwater mining of minerals.


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On a NE part of coal mine "Suvodol", near town Bitola in R.Macedonia, during longer time, a landslide with enormous length and volume exists. Its occurrence is connected with a process of sliding, which happened in several phases, with initial signs of sliding in 1993. The moment of global instability happened on a 27.10.1995. Till now, several phases of reactivation are known. Its volume is about 30 000 000 m3. As a result of mass movements, about 8 000 000 tones of coal is concentrated (blocked) at the toe of the landslide. Upper of the main scarp, spaced about 250 meters, the earth-fill dam with a length of about 1000 meters exists. The ground water artesian effects are also present. At the toe of the landslide, the coal is partially involved in a process of selfburning and it produces environmental not friendly gases. The stability of the sliding during 2007 was near limit equilibrium. All this aspects shows a very specific combination of natural and manmade elements that control the stability of the environment at this part of coal mine. Having this in mind, the specific approach used in an excavation at the toe of sliding mass, with parallel supporting (always near limit equilibrium) is shown briefly. The results from the stability tests, with some specific comments, are summarized in this paper.

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