Stability Aspects of Excavations in Landslide Zone for a Coal mine “Suvodol” - R.Macedonia

Jovanovski, Milorad and Papic, Jovan and Dambov, Risto and Pesevski, Igor (2009) Stability Aspects of Excavations in Landslide Zone for a Coal mine “Suvodol” - R.Macedonia. In: 3rd Balkan Mining Congress, Balkanmine. Gurup Matbaacılık, Ankara, Turkey, pp. 283-290. ISBN 978-9944-89-782-2


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The paper presents some elements of stability aspects and approach used for excavation at the toe of the large landslide which exists on a NE part of coal mine "Suvodol" in R.Macedonia. Its volume is about 30,000,000 m3. Upper of the main scarp, the earth-fill dam with a length of about 1000 meters exists. As a result of mass movements, about 8,000,000 tonnes of coal is blocked at the toe of the landslide. After a longer time of exposition to the air, the crushed coal is partially involved in a process of self-burning. Specific combination of natural and man-made elements that control the stability of the area and specific methodology used for an excavation at the toe of sliding mass is shortly explained. The results from the stability analyses, risks scenarios, some specific comments and recommendations, are summarized in this paper. Some specific comments are also given.

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