Preventive Diplomacy. The Role of UNPREDEP in the Republic of Macedonia

Bogdanova, Julijana (2011) Preventive Diplomacy. The Role of UNPREDEP in the Republic of Macedonia. Masters thesis, University Goce Delcev Shtip.


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The diplomacy like a tool for communication between the countries, was and will be the most efficient way for realisation the goals defined by one country. A separate accent and meaning is given to the preventive diplomacy, which, from day to day basis is taking a larger part in the way of obstructing the conflicts. The law basis for the use of the prevention in the processes of obstructing or escalating a conflict is found in the charter of organisation of the UN. The whole work of the UN is based on the prevention and itself, represents mechanism and instruments for defending the peace. Developing of one preventive mission is far more benificial than to take over other post-conflict measures. The real meaning of the prevention is seen right at this segment. The Republic of Macedonia needed the use of a preventive misson on its territory. Developing the mission of UNPREDEP has shown like a good example for obstructing and escalating the conflicts coming from north, and may be used like a model for future preventive missions. The benifit from one preventive mission may be enormus for the host country, but as well it may be benifitial for the neighbour countries. When a preventive mission is present, the time should be used to develop the country, the region where the mission is based, and to defend and strenghten the peace and the security of the country, and also to offer help in different segments, particulary if it's about a young country, like The Republic of Macedonia at that time, in which the forces of the UN were stationed.

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