Relations of children’s disturbed behavior and conditions for family life

Kamceva, Tanja (2011) Relations of children’s disturbed behavior and conditions for family life. Masters thesis, University Goce Delcev- Stip.


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A family as a primary and basic environment in which a person grows and develops has the largest role in the upbringing. Therefore, today it is increasingly questioned the family connection to the social development of children and youth. Almost all positive or negative aspects of behavior, conscious or unconscious are assigned to the family and the family relations, especially the relation parent-child. Quality relations in the family and the concern for the children are essential for timely detection and prevention of disturbed behavior of children. Consequently, this research will be directed towards investigating the conditions for family life as an indirect cause for the appearance of disturbed behavior. Every day on television and in many newspapers, in black chronicles are mentioned persons who have acted in a way that deviate from the moral norms of social behavior. For example…”The person A.P. raped a minor”…”The person C.E. broke the windows in the school”…This is only parts of journalistic articles and parts of the fate of some children. Mention only their initials, as it is a matter of minor children under 16. Accordingly, we need to question why one minor appear with impaired behavior? Why they have need and desire to violate the moral norms of behavior? Certainly, the reasons are first looked in the family, of what family they originate. You must first understand the reasons, not the consequence of the disturbed behavior. 8 Unfortunately today there are more and more dysfunctional families that create conditions for a development of an educational neglect of young and unhappy persons who are dissatisfied with their lives. Therefore a growing number of educational professionals pay great attention for research on the occurrence.

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