Incidence of patients with acute aortic dissection

Salkovski, Safet and Panova, Gordana and Velickova, Nevenka and Panova, Blagica and Panov, Nenad and Nikolovska, Lence and Dzidrova, Violeta (2012) Incidence of patients with acute aortic dissection. Knjiga sazetaka 53 Kongres studenata Biomedicinskih nauka Srbije. p. 185. ISSN 978-86-7197-378-6

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Introduction: Acute aortic dissection (AAD) e life-threatening condition that characterizes the high mortality worldwide (7-8%). When AAD is split in the wall of the aorta where the blood circulates between layers of the wall which can lead to its rupture. Early recognition of symptoms and appropriate response to the medical team is crucial to the outcome of the patient. On receipt of a patient with chest pain to bear in mind the possibility of AAD. Standard diagnostics when fasting suspected AAD include: ECG, NIBP to the left and right hand the puts 2 venous lines, laboratory, echocardiography, placement of patient in hospital for daily monitoring of ECG, tension, oxygenation, diuresis through a urinary catheter, application of oxygen, light analgosedacija after clue 64 sliced CT or TEE, transport in the intensive care unit for preoperative preparation.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: aortic dissection, fasting suspected.
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