Етички кодекс на православното христијанство

Stevanovski, Pavlinka (2012) Етички кодекс на православното христијанство. Other thesis, University Goce Delcev- Stip.


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The Scripture says: the law is wicked, so for those who want to live according to God, in accordance with Scripture, Holy tradition, Holy Gospel, they not need a law. Moreover, said that even Gentiles who do not know about God, given that in their hearts is written in the law and they often live under him, for Gods voice is as human conscience that God gave to differentiate good and evil. The first humans were perfect, with preordination to improve, become gods, not nature, as God, but after grace to participate through the grace that was given to man to be perfected by Gods perfection, because the Lord Jesus Christ said: Be perfect as your Father is perfect in heaven. The laws followed as a consequence of disobeying the first commandment that God gave the first people - not to eat from the tree of knowledge. Furthermore, laws that followed were written by God Himself when Mosses brought the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery. It is known Ten Commandments. In Scripture, it says that God has established an alliance with the Jewish people. The Union of Jewish people represents the patriarch Abraham, and that was the law of circumcision all those laws, as well as victims, foretells that the legislator should come Lord Jesus Christ. He himself fulfilled all Old Testament laws and none of them are not waived or despised, not that he had a need for laws, but to show that such duty to people to obey lays, but indicated that the Old Testament laws are shadow New Testament laws. Lord Jesus Christ does not abandon the Ten Commandments, but stressed the moral grandeur, which should show understanding, compassion and exceptional virtue. We have improved laws given by the conviction of wishes. For the works are only carrying out what one has in himself, because the heart out and adultery, and malice and slander, and fornication, passions, murders, etc… 6 It has been said in old Thou do not kill, and the Lord Jesus Christ says no angry, for man to kill to be angry, because the inner feeling comes first, then comes the desire to kill. What is the difference between anger when you cannot abstain, because he needs only an appropriate moment. Grant Testament massage, application and ethical requirement Lord Jesus Christ uttered the words, which is based on love, and considered the basis of Christianity and the meaning of human existence on earth: “Love the neighbor as yourself.”

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